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Leonardo Di caprio banned Johny Depp totally!! Whether he assaults his wife, Amber Heard or not???

Amber Heard has been going through many controversies. Actually, she is going through divorce proceedings. She claims that her husband physically assaults her. But after that, it has been known that this news is another way around. One of the newspaper called Johnny Depp as a wife beater.

Amber Heard, Leonardo Di caprio, Johny Depp

After this assault, Johnny Depp filed FIR against the editor of the newspaper. Now, this matter is growing faster. This matter now involves Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Many newspaper and channels have claimed that, according to Amber, her ex-husband thinks that he has a relationship between the Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

This news is very stressful and public to each and every person who was involved in it. Every person involved in this is very upset now especially Leonardo DiCaprio. He said that he is in doubt whether Amber Heard right or not. But he says that he is happy with his partner and he is living a beautiful and happy life with his partner, Camila Morron.

Leonardo Di caprio, Johny Depp, Amber Heard


Leonardo Di caprio banned Johnny Depp

Leonardo Di Caprio decided that he will not do any kind of projects film or contract with Johnny Depp. Many of the acquaintances or unknown persons are a step forward to give each and every little facts and information they know about the matter.

Some sources also said that Leonardo banned Depp totally and he also tells his employees that they will not do any type of work with Johnny Depp ever in their life.

We are not totally sure about this updated news whether they are true or not. But we can say one thing with confirmed confidence that the statement by Leonardo Di Caprio is totally true and also by others. But due to the coronavirus pandemic court ruling is paused yet. So, till then we have to wait for it.