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Final Fantasy VII Remake PS 4 at an all-time low of $40 says Dealmaster. Grab yours now!!

Final Fantasy VII was a 1997 game where you would play the character’s role. It was an 8-hour long story and was developed by Square Enix games. Initially, for PlayStation, it was later developed for Windows and other gaming consoles as well. It was the seventh game in the Final Fantasy game series franchise. The Final Fantasy VII Remake marks a reinvention of the much-praised and loved game. This game is also developed by Square Enix. Read the full article to know more about the Final Fantasy VII deal for today and how to grab yours now.

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Square Enix has brought the Final Fantasy VII Remake for the gamers and the fans of the gaming series franchise. The Remake reimagines the characters and brings in a whole new look to the game which could be enjoyed by the Final Fantasy VII’s old fans and newbie’s alike. Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place in the city of Midgar and focusses on the first section of the original 8-hour long game and turns it into a 30 odd hours long immersive gaming experience.


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According to Dealmasters, the Final Fantasy VII remake is on top of the list of great deals offered today. The deal is offered by various retailers like Amazon, Gamespot and PlayStation. The deal covers both the copies, Physical and digital. The Final Fantasy VII Remake is usually around the $50-$60 mark. but it has come down to an all-time low of $40 today. The exclusive offer doesn’t just give you the old classic Final Fantasy but also the 30 odd hours long drama in the remake.

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The HD game is first in the planned RPGs series. As a remake, it has got its flaws but it has the potential to grab an eye of the old fans of the game. The game also has the potential to attract gamers of they haven’t played any previous versions of the game. Final Fantasy VII Remake has a subversive gaming experience for the gamers and would make them fall in love. The Final Fantasy VII Remake is up for grabs today. Go get it!