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Series No Game No Life Season 2 ? Journey of Sora and Shiro with action and drama!!!!Read every detail below:


If you are an anime fan then you must have heard of No Game No Life. This series is based on the Japanese Light novel by Yuu Kamiya.

The first season of this series contains 12 episodes first aired on April 9, 2014, by Madhouse Studio. No Game No Life series is based on a novel with the same name that was published in April 2012.

What No Game No Life is all about?

This series is a war game series. Two step-siblings name Shiro and Sora are known as the undefeated group of Gamers in the world of the game. One day God from another Reality challenged them to a game of chess. They accepted the challenge and summoned to reality called Disboard where humanity is verge on extinction. It is full of actions and adventures.

No Game No Life novel has 10 volumes. Each volume focuses on different characters having their own identity and popularity among fans.

The cast of No Game No Life:

The characters of No Game No Life are totally different from other anime series as this series is itself a totally different anime series. The famous characters are:

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as SORA

Al Kayano as SHIRO

Yoko Hikasa as STEPHANIE

Yuka Laguchi as CHLAMMY ZELL

Yukari Tamura as JIBRIL

Mamiko Noto as FIEL NIRVALEN


No Game No Life: Season 2

Everybody loves to watch Anime series season by season. No Game No LIfe having one season consisting of 12 episodes. People love this series because of action, Drama, Comedy involving Games. Although season 2 is coming as officially announced by Creators.

But it is delaying due to global pandemic and also the trailer is not released yet. According to the sources the production for season 2 is also not completed yet.

So fans of this series have to wait till the end of this year or maybe till 2021. Till then watch the episodes of season 1  and enjoy!!!!!!!