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Kate Middleton visited Baby Bank on the same day Meghan celebrated her birthday, was she trying to steal the limelight?

Meghan Markle the actor of Suits series turned 39 on Tuesday and celebrated her birthday with Harry. On the exact same day, Kate Middleton decided to make a royal visit to Baby Basics and show her support. Was the visit on purpose to divert all the attention towards her from Meghan?

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On Tuesday 4th August Duchess of Sussex celebrated her 39th birthday with her husband Harry. There was no party as such seeing the pandemic, the only family member was Meghan’s mother, Doria. She was there to take care of the child while the couple could spend some quality time, as a present Harry cooked food with the help of his mother-in-law. He also gave her a necklace and a framed photo of theirs, even the royal family wished Meghan on Instagram. Although their Royal Insta page is no longer active Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the Queen wished her happy birthday, they addressed her as Duchess of Sussex. Maybe addressing her like this even after there are no longer a royal could mean she is still part of it?

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The Duchess of Cambridge made a royal visit to Baby Basics in Sheffield to show her support in times of crisis. Baby Banks or Baby Basics is an operation to help the mothers of a newborn baby by supplying them the essentials. Being a mother is not an easy task and it becomes harder when they don’t have basic supplies for their baby and themselves. Baby Basics supports these mothers and helps them out, recently they couldn’t meet up the demands due to the pandemic and the royals decided to help.

Duchess of Cambridge wore a mask and went to the store and helped them out in unboxing stuff and also spoke to them. She said she was in tears after talking to them, apart from visiting she also asked big company owners like Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, etc to donate 10,000 or more products to Baby Basic. This went viral and everyone applauded her on social media accounts, people also made some snide remarks towards the ex-royal.

This was very good work but why did she have to do it on Meghan’s birthday, she could have done it some other day. Did she want to steal the limelight? or she wanted to mock them by doing this good deed? or she wanted to show that she is better than her?. In one of the comments said that some ex royals should learn from her and she would be better Queen, so was Kate’s action was an innocent one? you decide.

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