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Bayonetta 3: Is it cancelled? Here we will give answer to every questions you have!!

Hey, Bayonetta fans, here’s a piece of good news for you all related to the game series Bayonetta 3. This game has not been yet cancelled. The series started it’s the journey as a multiplatform game.

Bayonetta, Bayonetta 3

But now it is a Nintendo exclusive, while the second game was debuted on the Wii U. And the third one is for the Switch. So, read all the details and information we know about the game series Bayonetta 3 so far.

Release date of Bayonetta 3

Truly, we don’t know about the release date of Bayonetta 3. According to the Trailer released, which simply states that the game is under development for the Nintendo switch. The trailer of the third game was released in 2017.

So, it has been three years and three years are enough to build this type of big game. Apart from it, if we notice on the sequence of the games. The first game was come out in 2009 and then the second one in 2014. Here is the gap of five years between these two games.

Bayonetta, Bayonetta 3

And it’s already been more than five years between the second and third game. But what we can do is only wait for the announcement related to the release date. Perhaps, we can expect that the third season might be out in late 2020.


Is there any Trailer of the game releases?

This is the only thing we came across about the third game which is it’s Trailer. Its trailer was out at The Game Awards in 2017. But it also does not conveys so much information about the game yet.


Bayonetta 3:- gameplay

We did not see any gameplay and story from the Trailer of Bayonetta 3. But we can predict according to the gameplay of the previous two games updated. It is expected that the third game will use both Melee attacks and guns in the game.