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Jay Z eventually opens up about his feud with Solange which took place at Met Gala 2014!!! Read to know more about it!!!

Recently, Jay Z has opened up again about his feud with Solange which took place way back in 2014. All the facts and actuality are cited and cleared out lately by this 47-year-old rapper.

In the case, the man has shared that there were no other fights after what happened at the Met Gala that day. Also, there is no doubt that Beyonce and her sister Solange share an immense love with each other. Here’s everything you should know about: 

What happened between Jay Z and Solange that day at Met Gala 2014? 

In regards to this, a video went viral all over the social media directing Solange kicking and whacking Jay Z. Further, the video also brought out how the guards attempted to stop and handle this fight between Jay Z and Solange. 

Jay Z and Beyonce

In fact, the fight was extremely serious that Beyonce even had to get involved in order to stop the fight. The video was a 58 seconds long clip that created a really disgraceful impression of Beyonce’s sister, Solange. 

What is rapper’s say in this matter?

Recently, Jay Z spoke about this popular fight in an interview conducted by Brian Miller and Elliot Wilson. Considering the interview, it was a lengthy one which indirectly gave its trends to what went on that day at Met Gala. 

Jay Z spoke about the fact as to how he had a strong disagreement for his sister in law once but now everything is back to the normal path. In fact, he also claimed that their relationship has turned even much stronger than before. 

Further, in the interview, he even defined Solange as his sister, despite his relations with her as a brother-in-law. He emphasized his statement of a sister at least 3 times in his interview, along with admiring her endeavor and art. 

Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange

Interestingly, Solange and Beyonce have also accentuated and brought freeing that everything was well between both of them now. Beyonce even released a song in regards to the fight that went on between Solange and Jay Z. 

Stay tuned for more updates!!! 

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