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A Good News for all the gamers, the classic arcade video game Burger Time is now on Nintendo Switch.

Burger Time a very known game in the year 1982 is now available on Nintendo Switch. Yes, you read it right if you are missing old games then this news is going to excite you.

Burrito Quest: Burger Time - Bean & Green Chile / Potato & Egg

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Arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders were an all-time favorite and popular, Burger Time is just one of these games. All the foodies are going to love this game, the only action over here is to make burgers and the obstacles are the ingredients like a hotdog, pickle, and egg. The game is that the player will control Chef Peter Pepper who has to climb ladders to collect the items needed to make the burger. He has to crush the enemies or shoot them with his weapon which is pepper, yes pepper, don’t forget it is a food-based game. When the weapon is fired the enemies are stunned for a few seconds and the chef moves freely, there are six levels. After all the levels are complete the player starts again from level one, the chef loses his life if he touches an enemy in motion.

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Nintendo has a lot of games which can be played non-stop, some are Legend of Zelda, Paper Mario, Pokemon, Super Mario, and many more. These games are quite addictive no wonder video gamers can play all day and get stuck to the screen. If you are truly an arcade games fan do check out the movie Pac-Man released in 2012 starring Adam Sandler. Now Nintendo Switch has added one more classic in the collection and that is BurgerTime on 30th July 2020, it is now available for you to purchase. The game is a little bit costly, around 8$ but it is worth it, the antiques and classic are always pricey and hence collected. So if you have a craze for arcade games then go and get this game now!!!.

Super Burger Time for the Nintendo Switch - YouTube

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