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The Last of Us Part 3 – It will probably come out once the plot and the main characters are decided.

The Last of Us is a video game created by Neil Druckmann, it is about the two main characters Joel and Ellie. Their mission is to save the people and kill the bad guys, with some emotional twists and turns. The game is available on PS3 & PS4. The genre of this game is action and adventure as any other game but this one is different. This will take you on a journey of two people that you will control and will be hooked until the end.

‘The Last of Us

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Last of us was released in the year 2013 and part 2 was recently released in June 2020. It took seven years for the second part to come out as Neil Druckmann did not want a game with mindless killing and stuff. He wanted the audience to get hooked to the game with a mind-blowing twist and an amazing storyline. Well, the protagonists in this video game are fighting zombies like creatures and protecting themselves and others. There is a virus that has broken out and is turning normal people into an abnormal one. There are working in groups because united we stand and divided we fall but there is drama. While playing you will be going through an emotional turmoil so be ready for that.

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In the second part, we see Joel is dead and Ellie is broken and decides to take revenge. Ellie and Dina are living together with the baby, and Ellie goes on her mission. When she returns back she finds Dina and the baby have vanished. On her revenge journey, he doesn’t kill Joel’s murderer instead forgives them and returns back. Now in part 3, we will come to know where are Dina and her baby? how will the people be saved? what will happen to Abby and Lev? and most importantly what will Ellie do now?

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