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SHOCKING!!! USA President, Donald Trump might be Assassinated. Read to know each and every detail.

As we know the rivalry between the countries is not a new thing. We are not only hearing but also witnessing these rivalries for ages. The political pressures, the worse conditions, the attack on a particular country by another countryman, and many other factors lead to the development of bitter feelings between the two countries. USA and Iran are one of those countries. USA and Iran are not even in talking terms with each other anymore. All this happened because of the incident that took place in Baghdad. The incident happened in January 2020 and since then both the countries are completely against the well being of each other.

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Actually all this begins in January 2020. In January, the US army declared a strike in Baghdad. The drone was seen moving around Baghdad Airport. In this strike, Iran’s Qasem Soleimani lost his life. Qasem Soleimani belonged to IRGC that stands for Islamic Revolutionary Guard Crops. He was killed during the Us strike. Soleimani held a very important position in the country’s cabinet. He had a name. He was popular among the Iranians as he was considered a very important person for the welfare of the country. The death of Qasem resulted in a huge rivalry between the US and Iran.

Image source – gizmoposts24.com

Qasem Soleimani

Qasem Soleimani was the commander of the force. Quds Force was led by him. Quds was reported to have terrorists in it. This confirmation was given by Canada, Saudia, the US, and Bahrain. According to the sources, Qasem was in Baghdad to meet the Prime Minister of Iraq. Qasem’s funeral had a large gathering. All the Iranian Biggies were present there to pay their condolences. Not only the VVIPs, but the local population of Iran also gathered in a funeral to pay their respect for the departed soul.

The death of Qasem provoked Iran to take revenge from the US. The Iranian president announced a few days back that the will assassinate the US President, Donald Trump. The Iranian President also declared a reward of 80 million dollars for the one who will be successful in murdering the US President. This is how Iran declared an open war against the US.