Reallly??!! Zonnique Pullins and his two years boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy are expecting their first child together!!!! Deets Inside!!!!

Zonnique Pullins and Bandhunta Izzy have been loading their social media with their beautiful, and fun-filled relationship from the past two years now. The couple has never failed in highlighting their adorable moments on social media.

Recently, Badhunta Izzy openly declared that Zonnique Pullins is five months pregnant with their first child. They have described the familiarity as literally easy till now and believe it to be the same further. 

What is couple’s say on this great news about Zonnique pregnancy?

Pullins has described her psyche as full of anticipations and emotions, with her initial time being a mommy. She also accepted the reality that the journey isn’t getting on to be this simple further, clarifying her idea of daybreak illness. 

Zonnique and Bandhunta

In fact, this is Badhunta’s second time as a father as he had two kids with his prior relationship. They also uncovered as to how many times in these three years, the news regarding Pullin’s pregnancy went viral. But, this moment she certainly is.

Further, Zonnique has also deciphered her effort in dealing with the pregnancy and the coronavirus, both at the same time. However, she illustrates this time as the perfect time to stay home, until the time she wants for her baby.

How is the couple retaining a secure balance amid the pandemic? 

Zonnique finds it much easier to go with her pregnancy during this coronavirus pandemic. But when it comes to going to a doctor, she finds it really sick of not being able to take her boyfriend with her. 

Further, the couple also hopes for things to get back to normal before the baby arrives in this world. But deep inside, she knows that these high expectations are of no use, considering the pandemic. 

Zonnique and Bandhanta

Additionally, Zonnique also opened up about  the fact that she was unsure about this in the start, but as time went by she was ready for it. She has depicted pregnancy and pleasing a mother as a basis of getting mature and differs that will change her for good. 

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