HomeEntertainmentStatement said in public can go wrong. Snoop Dogg said he is tired of women taking off cloths.

Statement said in public can go wrong. Snoop Dogg said he is tired of women taking off cloths.

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About Snoop Dogg

Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. also known as Snoop Doggy Dogg or Snoop Lion is one of the initial gangsta raps. Snoop Dogg is now 48 and from Long Beach, California, US. With 30 years of West Coast hip-hop culture. He was one of the most prominent figures in Gang-rap in 1990.

At the Breakfast Club

Recently Snoop Dogg showed up on “The Breakfast Club.” With a lot of talks, he stated a few words that make deals to a lot of people. By talking about his songs, he said that he was surrendering for the black. He adores women due to some significance. He ends up by saying that he tired up of looking at young girls shaking their booty in front of him. Snoop Dogg said that the girl is showing off their body to tell that they are feeling.

It is not new for American society to objectify women. Now that Snoop Dogg at the age of being uncle had been an idiot for his whole life. Now hoping to give way his thinking to others. Just like his song, the rapper never thought of giving away some respect to other people.

More Updates on his work


After his high school, he had relations with prison as there was a lot of illegal work he had done. Years later he joined the hip-hop industry. Dr. Dre made his first appearance in The Chronic. His vocals hit all youngsters and made them go crazy about him. He made a rapid increase in his fan following. Snoop Dogg became the first to début record to enter Billboard.

He got arrested in connection with some shooting but the fandom has its own charm. As he got free from all his charges. He is in gossip for long due to his statement given out in public.