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Is Kim using Kanye to take care of her kids? Find out what turn their marriage is taking.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were always included in the list when it comes to naming the iconic couple. The two have been married since 2014. Even though Kanye is not Kim’s first husband, the two were considered to be madly in love, living a successful marriage. However, a major change has come up over the past few months.

A picture that shook us all showed Kim and Kanye in a car where Kim was crying. Apparently, this was because of the discussion they had relating to their marriage. Kanye has been having bipolar episodes before however, the two really exposed their downhill marriage after Kanye’s tweet. After the presidential rally that proved to be a failure, Kanye went to twitter to address that he has been trying to get a divorce from Kim for two years now.

This came as a shock to most and Kim went to Wyoming immediately to try to find a solution for all their problems. However, the trip did not prove to be successful for the two. It is reported that the only thing Kim is worried about is another marriage. Although Kim can do well on her own financially, she is stressed about raising her four kids without a partner.

The marriage between the two is hanging by a thread at this point. Kim says that Kanye has not been changing in a way that is necessary. However, the cold twitter war between the two ended with an apology. Kanye tweeted an acceptance of the fact that he should have made things public and what he did was wrong.
Although the two were seen back to work, things do not seem normal now. What’s unfortunate is that a source revealed that Kim has already seen a divorce lawyer. It was also added that things will not go back to normal for them now.

We do not know what will happen but we do hope that they are happy with their decisions and wish for them what’s best.

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