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Anime Freaks….Buckle Up! We Are Back With Fire Force Season 2 : Here’s Spoilers For The Latest Upcoming Episode.

Fire force is an anime series based on science and fiction. The series has its set up in Japan. The series has been successful in gaining popularity among the audience. It is one of those anime series that bagged all the positive feedback not only from the audience and fan but also from the critics. When the first season ended, it gained a whole amount of fanbase all around the world. After the end of season 1, fans were really impatient to see the season 2. The social media handles of fire force were flooded with the questions of the fans. The makers finally decided to come up with season 2 due to the love and support received from the audience. Season 2 released and it hit the screens with a bang. Till now 5 episodes of season 2 have been aired. Now the fans are eager to watch the next episode. Here are all the updates we know so far. The series is produced under the label of David Production. The creator of this very unique manga adaptation is Atsushi Okubo.

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Fire Force: Episode 6 release date

Season 2 has already released its 5 episodes. Episode 5 released on 31st July 2020. After some unsolved questions and suspense left in episode 5, fans are really curious to witness the next episode that is none other than episode 6. So, to answer all the unanswered questions episode 6 will be aired on 7th August 2020. So get ready to witness the sixth episode that is surely going to be a fantastic one.

Fire Force season 2: Plot

Fire force season 2 revolves around a boy whose name is Shrine. He is blessed with some special powers. He is the only one to get those powers in the whole world. He has the power to produce fire with his feet. In the anime series, Shrine’s brother is lost. Shrine plans ways and methods to reach his brother so that he can save him from any problems. In the next episode, Shrine will be seen facing some more challenges due to his supernatural powers, and also it will be very interesting to see how Shrine will defy all the odds and will save his brother’s life.

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Fire Force season 2: Characters.

The characters in Fire Force includes -:

  • Shinra Kasukabe
  • Arthur Boyle
  • Iris
  • Maki Oze
  • Takehisa
  • Akito Obi