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The New Optix MAG272C Gaming Monitor Out Now! Check it Out Guys Right Here and Get All Updates About It –

The gaming Monitor basically describes the monitoring of the computer which is designed to play games on it. It helps in limiting the gaming display problems like ghost images, on-screen jittering, and motion blur.

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About MSI Optix MAG272C Gaming Monitor And Its Release –

Well, guys its a good news that MSI has released the new Optix MAG272C with great features. It is designed by keeping in mind both the gamers and content creators. It features a 27″ screen and a VA-based Panel offering a 1080p resolution. It has a higher refresh rate of 165 Hz. The gamers will enjoy its 1500R curvature that MSI has provided that allows the screen to stay in your field of view. This gaming monitor is not only perfect for gaming but also for content creation and consumption.

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Amazing Features of MSI New Optix MAG272C Gaming Monitor –

The super narrow-bezels in the monitor allow more immersive multi-color 180-degree set up. These narrow-bezels work perfectly in the modern streaming setups. Well, the cause that makes this monitor perfect is its curvature to the 27″ screen. Its 1500R curvature allows each edge of the screen to remain in view with so much ease.

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With such a higher refresh rate of 165 Hz and such a small response time of 1 ms, it benefits so much the fast-moving game genres. FPS, Racing Sims, and Fighting Games require a higher refresh rate and small response time that helps in boosting the game performance and this MAG272C has such amazing features. AMD FreeSync Premium which is a variable refresh rate software is also supported by this Optix MAG272C. Basically this software helps to stop broken frames.

The monitor also features one DisplayPort connection with two HDMI 2.0 connections and even a USB Type-C connection which helps in charging and transferring the video data. Such connectivity features make this monitor much more compatible. It has a USB hub and other 2 connections on the back of its monitor. The monitor is available on Amazon.