James Bond- No time to die is a spy film and twenty-fifth installment in the James Bond film series. The movie is directed by carrying Joji Fukunaga and produced by Eon Productions.

James Bond series always has been center of attraction for the viewers across the globe and everyone is super excited for this one- No one to die.

The everlasting success of James Bond keeps pushing the makers to make a new series after receiving demands from every James Bond fan from the different parts of the world.

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When is No time to die hitting the screens?

The releasing date of the movie has been postponed a number of times. The first releasing of date o the movie was scheduled for November 2019 but was further postponed to February 2020.

But February release was put on hold and further postponed to April 2020 for every country. The Plan went to the south due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. The coronavirus situation became worse so the releasing date was planned for any summer month.

For now, the releasing date is scheduled for 11 November 2020 if everything goes accordingly and the movie doesn’t encounter any further delay.

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The cast of no time to die

Daniel Craig is returning to play the role of James Bond- the heart of the series. Lea Seydoux is also returning to play the role of Swann. With Daniel and Lea, other characters that are returning from the previous series include Christoph Waltz who’ll be seen again as Stavro, Ralph Fiennes to play M, Ben Whishaw to play the role of Q, Naomie Harris as Eve, Rory Kinnear to be Tanner and Jeffrey to play Felix.

There are many new cast that are joining hands to James Bond- No time to die-

Rami Malek is all set to play the role of Safin, the main villain which is the most talked character for this series. Lashana Lynch plays the role of Nomi, Ana de Armas to play the role of Paloma, David Dencik to play Waldo and Billy Magnussen as TBC.

It will be really interesting to watch these new casting to add something new to the James Bond- No time to die.