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Simon McQuoid making debut with new movie Mortal Kombat: Know the details here

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The Mortal Kombat is an American upcoming film directed by Simon McQuoid. It is based on the martial art fantasy action film. Actually this movie is based on a video game with the same name created by Ed Boon and John Tobias.

Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute this film worldwide. Makers announce its release date as 15 Jan 2021. The script is written by Greg Russo and it was completed in 2019. The shooting locations will be Adelaide Studios and some of the places in South Australia.

What this movie is all about?

Mortal Kombat is based on a video game which is a very popular game among players. With the intention of an R rating, makers decided to make a movie of feature-length from the screenplay by Mortal Kombat. The first shooting was about to start in 2012 but delayed due to some reasons and now makers completed this movie and going to release in 2021.

This is all about actions and adventure with some martial art fantasy. Fans who love the whole action-adventure and martial art, this movie is a good option to watch.

The Release Date: Mortal Kombat


The makers announced the release date as 5 March 2021 but they decided to go with the date of 15 Jan 2021. This will be the third film inspired by the video game. It can be delayed because of the Covid-19 global pandemic spreading worldwide. So fans maybe have to wait for more time. But makers did not reveal anything else about the movie.

The Cast: Mortal Kombat

The cast is as follows:

Joe Taslim is the first actor for the production in 2019 as Sub-Zero. Josh Lawson will also be in the cast. Hiroyuki Sanada, Jessica McNamee, Chin Han, Ludi Lin will also be in the movie as announced by the makers.