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Is Last Of Us arriving with season 3? Get to know every single detail here.

The Last Of Us 2 brought a grand success to Naughty Dog Production. After the Last of Us 2 released, fans are in extreme dilemma that whether the third part of The Last Of Us 3 is coming or The Last of Us 2 is the end of the series. We have good news for the fans. Neil Druckmann, the owner of Naughty Dog hinted the fans that the series will move further with The Last of Us 3. It is also believed that the Sony team is already working with the IP. So there are chances that the IP they are working on could be related to The Last of Us 3. Last Of Us 2 ended with many unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries. We hope the next part of the series would be made answerable to all those questions.

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When will The Last Of Us 3 arrive?

Well, there are no official revelations made by the team regarding the Last Of Us 3. The success of Last Of Us 2 could convince Druckmann to make Last Of Us 3. In an event, Druckmann hinted about his plans for the next part. We hope that Druckmann would work on moving the series further with the next part. But as we saw the second part released seven years after the first part, so it is quite impossible that Last of Us 3 would release in the coming years. So the wait is long for sure, but we know whenever the third part will be released, it will arrive with a bang that will make everyone crazy.

The Last Of Us 3 Plot

Last of Us 3 will have some answers to unanswered questions left in the second part. In the last part, we saw the satisfactory closure of Ellie’s character. In the next part, we might see Abby and Lev facing challenges to complete their revenge. There’s a doubt whether Jackson will be seen in the third party or not. We might see J.J as a man. Makers might introduce the global pandemic theme in the next part. The Last Of Us 3 may move out of America, unlike the previous parts. This would be quiet interesting to see. Whenever the third part in The Last Of Us series, it will prove to be an incredible one.

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The Last Of Us Trailer

As there are no release date announcements made by the team, hence no trailer has been out yet. Check out here what Neil Druckmann has to say about the Last Of Us 3.