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Horizon Forbidden West is expected to arrive post PS5’s Holiday 2020 Launch!!!! Gameplay, Release Date, Plot, Trailer and much more inside!!!

Horizon Zero Dawn is a 2017 action RPG distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed under the direction of the entire board of Guerilla Games. 

It counts up as the primary intellectual property held on by Guerilla Games. Further, the game is recognized for its open-world setting, combats, visuals, storyline, and most importantly the characterization.

Moreover, after achieving so much commercial success, the team decided on making a sequel for it. It is probably the most awaited sequel of all time.

The good news is that the game is officially in development and will be released soon. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming sequel titled Horizon Forbidden West: 

Horizon Forbidden West

When is Horizon Forbidden West releasing for PlayStation? 

The game is scheduled for its release in 2021. There is no further news perceived about the game after the following news was made official. 

However, we might expect it to release somewhere around PS5’s Holiday 2020 Launch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we wish to get this as timely as possible.

Is the game a PS5 exclusive? 

As of now, the game can only be played on PlayStation 5. However, the first part of the game is getting its release for the PC at the end of 2020. 

Horizon Forbidden West

Well, that’s an extended wait for the PC players. We expect this to not happen the next time for the sequel. 

What is the Horizon Forbidden West all about? 

Recently, Guerrilla shared a synopsis for the sequel on PlayStation’s official blog page. The blog discusses how the sequel will follow the same storyline as the previous one.

Further, Aloy will have to pass on from various dangerous frontiers with her awe-inspiring skills and techniques. In fact, there are additions made in the number of threats count in the game. 

Moreover, the in-game maps will be a bit bigger this time as compared to the previous one. The map will stretch from Utah to the Pacific Coast. 

Aloy will be introduced to numerous kinds of hostile tribes that are capable of overriding machinery and dozens of other machines. 

What is Gameplay f Horizon Forbidden West? 

The official trailer for the game unpacked various theories about the game. In the trailer, we can see Aloy wearing a Bluetooth earpiece for scanning the world around her. 

Additionally, she is also seen carrying a charger. This means the character is coming up with new spears and techniques to overthrow her enemies. 

Also, there was a highlighted focus on underwater exploration. It implies there are some fascinating upswings to the enemies in the game.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!!