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Castlevania is back with a new season. Get to know all the updates of Castlevania season 4 here.

Castlevania is a fictional anime series. It has action , adventure and the thriller which fans love to watch. Castlevania is one of those anime series that is highly loved by the fans. The teens and adults really get excited after seeing each and every episode of Castlevania. It is based on a video game. As after the end of season 3 , fans are really curious to know what will happen in season 4. The last season has left various mysterious that is going to be solved in season 4. A number of unanswered questions will be answered in the next season. So season 4 will surely be a crazy one and will be worth watching it on repeat. So here are all the updates you need to know so far.

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Release date of Castlevania season 4

There is no official announcement of dates made by the makers. According to the sources the work going on in the making of season 4 is not really affected by the coronavirus outbreak. But the team hasn’t commented anything regarding the release date. But the season 4 of Castlevania will hit the screens probably in the beginning of 2021. So the wait is not yet over but the makers are giving their best to make the next season worth the wait of the fans.

Plot of season 4

Castkevania season 4 is going to be more interesting and exciting than the previous seasons. The fight with Draculas will be taken to another extent. Isaac will be seen facing some extremely tough challenges. Dracula will be seen in more revengeful mode. Overall we can say that season 4 is going to be crazy. Many mysterious that were left unsolved in season 3 will be solved in season 4. Season 4 will surely be a full package of action , adventure, thriller and suspense. So fans get ready to watch the incredible season 4 of Castlevania.

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Characters to be seen in Season 4 of Castlevania.

Richard Armitage will be voicing Belmont. And guess who will be voicing Adrean Tepes? Yes! Its James Callis. And our favorite evil voice of Dracula Tepes will be voiced by Graham McTavish. Some new additions will also be seen in. season 4.