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So….finally the wait for Evangelion 4 is going to be over soon. Here’s all the updates we know so far

Evangelion is a fictional anime series. It deals with the science and fiction. The script deals with a lot of intelligence and excellence. It is written by Hideaki Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki. The series is based in Japan. It bagged all the positive feedbacks from the audience as well as critics. It has received the love and support of the audience since the 2000s. This manga adaptation series is produced under the label of Studio Khara. Its last season was out back in the year 2012. It gained a huge fan base all around the world. Now fans are keen to witness the fourth part of the series. It is said to be the last part of the series. So it is clear that Evangelion 4 will provide a conclusion to the series. Fans are going crazy to watch the upcoming part. Here are all the updates you need to know.

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Release date of Evangelion 4

Its third part came out in the year 2012. Earlier it was speculated that the last part will release in the year 2015. But due to some unavoidable consequences, the team was unable to launch Evangelion 4. So now after the wait of 8 years of fans, the team finally finished the making of the new season in 2019. After the wrap up it was declared that Evangeline 4 will release on 27th July 2020. But again the release date had to be shifted due to the ongoing global pandemic. But it is predicted that the most awaited season might be released by the end of 2020.

The plot of Evangelion 4

The 4th part of the movie will be having more fun and more action as compared to the previous part. A trailer has been released by the team. Though the trailer is just a few seconds long but still it show the excitement and craziness that Evangelion 4 is going to showcase. We will see Shinji facing obstacles to achieve his mission. We will see him going through challenges and passing all the hurdles that come in his way.  So the plot for the upcoming part hasn’t been unveiled by the makers. They want to create suspense among the fans. But surely the last part of the Evangelion series will end with a bang. Fans should maintain their excitement as very soon we will be witnessing Shinji on screens.

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No announcement has been done by the team regarding the new characters or the exiting of old characters. But the main leads in the past season will surely be seen. Shinji, Asuka so you will definitely be back in season 4. Rei Ayanami, Shigeru Aoba, and Mari will also be seen in Evangelion 4. Meanwhile, Sohryu and Gendo Ikari are all set to re-enter in Evangelion 4.

Official Trailer

Check out the very interesting and exciting trailer of Evangelion 4 also called Evangelion 3.0+1.0.