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Michelle Obama starts Spotify Podcast and shares her thoughts. Podcast Takes Internet by Storm!!!

Michelle obama

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Michelle Obama Spotify podcast

From July 29 onward, one of the great personalities The Michelle Obama is about to start a Podcast by using the Spotify platform. On Thursday, by using the Twitter platform, she stated, that she will begin a podcast on Spotify.

Along with the tweet, she added a video. Obama stated that through podcast season 1, she wants to chat with the people who are most familiars with her as her mom, her friends, her family, and many others.

She wanted to discuss the relationships which shaped us to know who we were in the world. She stated that she would speak about the difficulties and happiness is as a parent or being a spouse.

In most of the difficult times, our friends will help us, or we will lean on the partners and mentors. And she proceeded to say these were the topics and issues that we all are bargaining with present days.

It was a better place to open up ourselves classify and discuss the questions that we all are analyzing to solve. The main reason for this podcast is everyone will share their thoughts and problems. Because of that, the public will try to open up in their society. Obama said that when you have your conversation with your loved ones, it gives u strength and encouragement.

Michelle Obama

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Mrs.Obama Experience

Recently in May, Obama couples Mr. Barack Obama who is past President of America and Mrs. Michelle Obama joined in one virtual event named Dear Class of 2020. To bring awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic for graduating students.

She stated that our lives are always unpredictable, the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a lesson for all of us we have to learn. Obama stated that these situations will help you to learn who are you. And what sort of character u want to be in your life, you have the best chance to learn precious things quickly.