Microsoft’s Halo Infinite gets a short GIF teaser ahead of its Xbox Games Showcase reveal

Xbox released a Halo Infinite short GIF teaser ahead of its Xbox Games Showcase reveal. The teaser is titled in a such a way that suggests that the legend is all set to make his number more than just a number. Have a look at the teaser GIF:

While the teaser is just a mere GIF, it is expected to soon be replaced by the first look at the Halo Infinite’s gameplay and its further release program. Microsoft and 343 studios have confirmed both of these things will be revealed at the E3 event, whenever it may happen. We expect a new engaging trailer also. It needs to be checked whether Microsoft will come up with a release date and any information on the rumoured battle royale mode.

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About Halo Infinite:

Halo Infinite has been one of those most anticipated and celebrated game titles of all time. From Pop-culture to gaming legends, Halo has left a mark.  The FPS (first person shooter) game is expected to be released as a launch title for Xbox Series X in late 2020. This is the sixth instalment of the Halo game series and the fourteenth game overall. Halo Infinite will continue the story of the Master Chief as the third chapter of the “Reclaimer Saga”. This follows Halo 5: Guardians. The storyline of Halo Infinite will be much more realistic in nature. Master Chief is expected to play a pivotal main role than in Halo 5: Guardians. The 2018 trailer released in E3 hinted the story is expected to be set on a Halo ring. It also showcased the design of Master Chief’s Mark VI armour to return to the design which was also seen in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

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Release Date:

It has a been trend that either Bungie, Microsoft, or 343 Industries revealed an abundant amount of information without spilling the beans about the stories before every game’s release. The creators have kept the fans and gamers in dark about the Halo Infinite game. We are not sure but we guess this has been done to avoid overhyping the game to a level that it disappoints. While teasing fans is fun and certainly, excites the gamers, it can also frustrate them. Gamers like to know if an anticipated title seems worth purchasing prior to its launch. They ensure this from in-engine footage, gameplay trailers, and other more in-depth reveals that the creators did not provide in Halo Infinite’s case. Fans are expected to get more updates and insights during the Xbox Games Showcase to be held on July 23, 2020.

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