Is season 4 of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina the last season? What will be there in season 4 of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina?

One of the most promising horror drama web series, Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is soon coming back with season 4. It will be heartbreaking for fans and season 4 will be the last season for web series. It is based on a comic series.

Season 4 of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina was confirmed back in 2018 with season 3. The series is an American supernatural drama show that has been produced by Warner Bros.

The series is all about a young girl stuck between two worlds, one is her teen world with all her friends and high school love. Another is the witch world which belongs to her family. Half witch, a half-human girl needs to find ways to fight against evil who is not just threatening her family but also the human world.

Date of Release of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

Nothing has been announced yet by Netflix or by show makers, but it will be soon released. The third season was released in January 2020, the fourth season was to wrap by mid-2020. Due to the coronaVirus pandemic, the shoot is on hold and is now resumed.

The expectation of release of season 4 is near Charismata 2020. As Netflix will make Chilling Adventure of Sabrina a Christmas especially. If due to some reason release will shift to early 2021.

Expected Storyline of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Seas0n 4


At the end of the third part, we saw that Sabrina headed to the depth of hell to rescue her boyfriend whose body was holding back the Dark Lord who is also the creepy father of Sabrina. Sabrina will also try to fight against the injustice in hell.

The synopsis revealed that as this season will be that season there will be more intense magic. Also, season four has more scenes in hell.