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Creed III : Release date , plot , characters , news. Here’s all the updates we know so far.

Creed is one of those movies that received positive feedback from all around the world. It was praised by the audience as well as critics. Creed released its first film back in the year 2015. Creed II followed the footsteps of the first past and reserved its place in the heart of people. Now the audience is extremely excited for witnessing part 3 that means Creed III.  Creed has proved very profitable for the production house as well. It earned a huge amount of profit and appreciation and as a result, it gained a huge fanbase worldwide. So now the fans are very curious to know each and every update of Assasin’s Creed III. The script was written by Ryan Coggler.

Creed III : Release date , plot , characters , news. Here's all the updates we know so far.
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Creed III Release date

So there’s good news for movie fans. It is officially confirmed that Creed III is happening. Makers announced that the work is going on for the release of Creed III. The official statement was given by the team on 25th February 2020. But this does not mean that our wait is going to be over soon. As the ongoing global pandemic has definitely affected the production activities. So it might be the reason for the delay in the release of Creed III. We can expect the release of Creed III in the year 2021. If the situations don’t improve the release date may go to the year 2022. So the wait is too long but surely the threequel is expected to break the records of the previous parts.

Starcast in Creed III

According to some sources, there will be a change in the writer as well as the directors is also supposed to be the new ones. It is quite possible that the cast may also be changed in the threequel. But some lead stars such as Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone will be seen in Creed III as well. Phylicia Rashad who was not seen in Creed II might play a major role in Creed III.

Creed III : Release date , plot , characters , news. Here's all the updates we know so far.
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Creed III might be different from the first two parts. It is possible that creed III will be seen following the Rocky 4 franchise. We might see Adonis with some new changes. He might be seen fighting with his new and more strong rivals. But all this is what we are just expecting. The directors haven’t made any confirmation on what is going to happen in Creed III. So we need to maintain our patience till the team comes up with some other official announcements and revelations.