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Strike Blood Season 5 – Last season to be released, marking the end of the series.

Strike the Blood is a Japanese-manga series adapted from the book of the same name, the book was written by Gakuto Mikumo and the direction of the series was done by Hideyo Yamamoto. It is a vampire based anime that became popular among the fans and till now four seasons have been out.


Kojo Akatsuki is a high school student who suddenly realizes that he has the power of a vampire and also he is the fourth generation. This makes him the most powerful vampire who has the ability to bring chaos among the three ruling generations. To kill him or to stop him from creating any destruction an agency Lion King Organisation sends a sword-shaman Yukina to keep an eye on him, but the two create an alliance to protect the world. This story takes place on a man-made island Itogami which became a demon sanctuary.

The three are ruling the world peacefully a fourth who is said to be the most powerful can disrupt the balance, hence to tame him or better to kill him several attempts are made. Kojo has to fight his initial vampire urges, find his true potential just not to save himself but also to protect the others.

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Four seasons have been released the

  1. the first season came out in the year 2013 with 24 episodes
  2. the second season came in the year 2016 with 8 episodes
  3. the third season aired in the year 2018 with 10 episodes
  4. the fourth season released in 2020 in continuation (expected 12 episodes)

The episodes of the fourth season have been delayed due to Coronavirus pandemic and therefore it is assumed that the 5th season will also be postponed. The fifth season which will be the 22nd volume was supposed to be released in August this year but now we do not know if the schedule is on time or it will shift further, as announced the 22nd volume will be the end we can be sure that 5th season will be the last and the series will end.


These are the main characters of the series

  1. Kojo
  2. Yukina
  3. Asagi
  4. Natsuki
  5. Sayaka

Strike The Blood

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