Is the 7th season last season for Orange Is the New Black? Are the makers thinking of spin-off?

Orange Is the New Black (OITNB) is the longest-running show of Netflix with seven seasons. Netflix is not releasing the eight seasons. Season 7 premiere was launched on July 26, 2019. The makers feel it is the best way to end the show.

The decision of ending up the show was taken in 2018, four months after the premiere of season 6. The announcement was made on twitter by the official page of Orange Is the New Black by posting a 60-second video featuring cast members sharing their experience.


The storyline of Orange Is the New Black.

OITNB is based on a novel that tells all about the life of Piper. Piper got arrested for laundering money. The show focuses on how her life got changed. However, Netflix focuses more on the other characters as well as who came from different races, ethnicity, etc.

The show reveals that everyone has a story behind them and it is much more important to focus on the good side of life. The show ends by showing how Piper’s life has changed and how her life is transformed. All the seasons of Orange are the new Black focus on the character building and giving new life to Piper.

The most emotional part of the series was where Alex and Piper got married and then Piper’s sentence got reduced and she had to leave Alex behind. Later, Alex was moved to Ohio prison and so Piper moved to Ohio and began her new life and stayed connected to Alex. It was the most emotional part of all seasons.

Is there a spin-off for Orange Is the New Black?

There is an official announcement for the spin-off. But spin-offs are created and if there will be it will interesting to know what happens to Piper after she got released from prison, and she goes on to commence her life. The spin-off will carry how things got changed and how she copes up with Alex far from each other. We do expect to see the whole cast in spin-offs.