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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 aka Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy continues the journey to restore life on Earth.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a video game based on the apocalypse of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or robots. They have taken over the Earth and now they are destroying it. This is an action-adventure based game that takes the player on the adventure of saving the world and fighting the bad guys on the way.


The story is based on the future where robots have taken over due to some mistake by a doctor, in the starting both humans and AI used to live in harmony but due to the glitch in the robots, they have become aggressive and started destroying the life on Earth. The hero of this game is Aloy or should I say she is the heroine who has a special ability of scanning machines, she has this from her birth and it is known as Focus. She comes to know the doctor who made the mistake also has a remedy to stop the robots and bring back life on the planet, thus Aloy becomes the part of a special project Zero Dawn and sets on her adventure.

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  • As it is an action-based movie there are a lot of arms and ammunition used by the player according to the needs.
  • It is also adventure-based video game so a lot of different environment is there for players to choose from and the scenery changes as the game level increases.
  • There is also a map with different terrain for which Aloy has to fight to get more maps.
  • There are quests to complete and puzzles to solve to unlock certain modes for the character of the game.
  • There is also a dialogue mode to communicate with non-player characters.
  • And many more are there and will come once you start playing.


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Part 2 is named  Horizon Forbidden West, the trailer is out and it is said to be released next year i.e 2021. This game is published by Sony Entertainment and designed by Guerrilla Games, the first part is on Microsoft Windows too. As we see in the trailer most of the actions will be underwater, so there will be a lot of mystical and robotic aquatic animals apart from just being on land, the underwater action is going to be awesome!!!!. Enjoy the trailer