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High School DxD is returning with its fifth season!!! Angels and Devils are coming back to rule our hearts again!!! Deets Inside!!!!

High School DxD is a 2008 Japanese light novel series penned down by Ichiei Ishibumi and exemplified by renowned illustrator Miyami-Zero. 

Brief about High School DxD

The major storyline of the series directs on a perverted high school student named Issei Hyodo. The story traces down on Issei’s desire to become a Harem King.

It goes on as to how he is murdered by his first date and later on resuscitated by Rias Gremory so as to serve her family. 

High School DxD Season 5

Further, this growing relationship between Rias and Issei poses harm to the society of Angels, the fallen angels, and the devils. 

The series owes a lot to its well-written characters and storyline of all the four seasons. Also, there has been no mixing from the production side, making it look more real and fascinating. 

So, the time has come to set our eyes forth on the forthcoming season of the High School DxD. Here’s everything you need to know about Season 5:

What’ll happen in High School DxD Season 5?

It is expected that the upcoming season will bring down the story on the Hero Oppai Dragon Arc. The initiation of the arc was marked up in the previous season. 

Further, the initiation of the arc was spoken of in the Volume 9th and Volume 10th of the manga. This means that the upcoming season will focus on Volume 11th and Volume 12th of the manga. 

Who all will be present in High School DxD Season 5?

All the four seasons of the series arose an assortment in the attitudes of all the characters. However, it is sure that the protagonists of the series won’t change. 

The protagonist’s star cast of the series includes Yoko Hikasi as Rias Gremory, Yuki Kaji As Issei Hyoudou. Further, the supporting star cast comprises Shizuka Itou as Akeno Himejima, Azumi Asakura as Asia Argento, and Fumihiko as Ddraig. 

In addition, new faces might also appear in the High School DxD Season 5. We’ll update you as soon as we get information on one. 

High School DxD Season 5- Is there any trailer available for the series? 

No trailer or footage has been made public from the production side. Mostly, the trailer comes out just a month before the release of the series. 

High School DxD Season 5- When and where can we watch it?

The original network for the series is the Funimation channel with its production company as Passion Studios. 

High School DxD Season 5

No such announcements have been made for the upcoming season. But according to some validities, the series is expected to roll out anytime soon in mid-2020. 

Apart from this big news, the production has also renewed the series for a sixth season. Well, who expected its renewal before the release of the fifth season.