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Beastars Season 2: The tension that started between carnivores and herbivores how will it end??

This Japanese-manga based series is unique and creative compare to other animes, this anime is all about animals in somewhat human form and the problems faced by them. It can also look like a metaphor, animals representing us and our behavior towards society and also towards each other, there is love, drama, mystery all in one.


The Beastars is about the animal kingdom where herbivores and carnivores live together, the twist is that these animals show human behavior, they go to school, walk-on two’s instead of fours but they just don’t look like humans. The storyline is that there is a wolf named Legoshi who is quiet in nature and studies in a university, one day a group of herbivores is found dead and there is a clash between the meat-eaters and plant-eaters. In another scenario, love triangle takes place where a rabbit Haru has a crush on a deer Louis, (so sweet) and Legoshi who tries to control his instincts to not to eat Haru (they know each other because they study in the same university and are a part of the same club) starts developing feelings for her.


Season 2 is said to be released in August 2020 maybe in Japan and later on Netflix but the dates might get pushed to 2021 because of the pandemic. The fans are eager to know about the murder mystery and who was the killer?, Haru is going to be with whom Legoshi or Louis?, will Legoshi finally learn to control his killing urge? lots of unanswered questions and lots of excitement too. Watch this



  1. Legoshi – the wolf
  2. Louis – the deer
  3. Haru- the rabbit
  4. Jack – the Labrador
  5. Voss – the fox
  6. Juno – she-wolf
  7. Gouhin – the panda
  8. Collot – the bear
  9. Kai – the mongoose
  10. and many others.

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Source: Decider

As always this anime is on Netflix and those who want to watch can go on Netflix and enjoy the anime. This will sound cliche but it’s interesting to want to know apart from the murderer who is Haru going to choose, is she be practical and go with Louis or will she act on her emotions and choose Legoshi, looks like we have to wait for the release.