“The Promised Neverland – season 2 releasing in January 2021!! “Get to know More about the Premiere News, cast, Plot & Everything you Need to Know

The Promised Neverland.

Japanese manga series, “The Promised Neverland” is originally a science fiction, dark fantasy, and thriller series. Kaiu Shirai is the writer of the series where Posuka Demizu being the illustrator. 

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The releasing date of the first season of the series is January 11, 2019.  With T+ ratings, the series is specifically for the 16 years and above the age group. Viz media is the English publisher and it has a total of 20 volumes.

Although makers of the “The Promised Neverland” had promised for the comeback with the second season after the first season concludes but again, unfortunately, as per the prevailing news, fans have to wait a little more. The sci-fi Japanese series has driven the ratings to a great height. With an IMDb rating of 9.1, it became a blockbuster of its time.

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The storyline starts with the year 2045. Where, in the Grace Field House, the character Emma, an 11year old orphan lives with other orphans too. There are a total of 37 orphans excluding Emma. They all have a caretaker named Isabella, whom they call “mama” out of love. Ray and Norman are Emma’s two best friends. The orphans are not allowed to endure with the outside world, that is their freedom limit is limited to the ground main gate. 

Suddenly everything changed when one of the orphans named Conny is sent away for the adoption. Twists arrive here when Conny left behind one of her favorite toys, Little Bunny back at the Grace Field House. But when Emma and Norman wanted to return it back to her, they found Conny’s dead body lying around.


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Then, they both learned about the mysterious outside world. The outside world is a world of demons, where the orphans are sold out as meat. With the quest of rescuing other orphans, Emma and her best friends joined hands to find an escaping path for all of them. 

Season 2 will be showing about the main lead Emma. Concerning, how they will be dealing with the demons.


Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the makers of the manga series assured their fans of releasing the series during October 2020. Now the makers have confirmed via their social media twitter account that soon the series will be premiered in 2021.