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One-Punch Man season 3 release date, cast plot, on hold? Get to know what the makers are up to!

One-Punch Man season 3 happening!!

The fan base of the manga series is very high. One of the artist ONE creation “One-Punch Man” became a blockbuster hit, since after it’s release. Crossing 7.9 million in the year 2012.  Yusuke Murata being the illustrator and was published by Shueisha. This Japanese series is basically a comic, action-oriented. Storyline starting with a superhero.

Artist ONE creation has a total of 2 seasons with 21 listed volumes. Originally this webcomic was released in the year 2009. The show managed to grab fans’ attention flawlessly due to which ratings kept rising. The third season was programmed to release in the month of June July 2020 but the process is on hold. The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, leading to the postponement of the release. 

One-Punch Man season 3 release date, cast plot, on hold? Get to know what the makers are up to!
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The series starts by throwing light on a superhero named Saitama, who has immense power and strength. With his power and strength, he can defeat anybody messing up around just with a single punch. There lies the secret behind the series title name, with one punch he can conquer anything. 

There are also more powerful monsters walking down the streets. The earth is witnessing such villains around. They are the means of destruction. The superhero, Saitama lives in the city Z. He helps people who are attacked by monsters. Saitama does this for his own enjoyment. But after repeatedly doing so, he gets hit by utter boredom. One fine day, he meets with the Genos and soon becomes their mentor. 

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There is an association for all the superheroes named as heroic associations. But after securing the lowest mark Saitama goes unnoticed in the association as he gets placed at the lowest rank. Soon a meeting is called upon to discuss the danger hovering over the world. After the meeting ends up they get caught by a monster Boros. Saitama went up to the Boros ship and defeated the villain. As the story continues, the monster association plans to attack the heroic association by kidnapping a child along with Garo, the one wanted to rescue the child. Where they transform humans into monsters.

The heroic association comes in and tries to rescue the child and Garo. The city Z where the battle took place is completely devastated. The superheroes who were overconfident about their strength got defeated and the maximum number of monsters was slain by. Due to the poor performance of the heroic association, they had to face a lot of criticism.

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Particularly there is no specific news about the release date of the Japanese series. But if sources are to be believed, it might get a release in the late 2020s or 2021. Till then fans have to wait.