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Confirmed!!! ‘Fast and Furious 9’ is finally appearing in early 2021!!! Know all the details of the forthcoming installment of F9!!!

Fast and Furious 9 is an upcoming American movie which is the ninth main installment in the Fast & Furious media franchise.  The movie is in procession to the eighth installment, The Fate of Furious. 

The film directs to the genres of action, adventure, thriller, friendship, brotherhood, and crime. It counts up as one of the highest-earning franchises of all time. 

Presently, all the filming basis of the movie has been finalized, as announced by the production team. 

Characters of F9

Fast and Furious 9: Cast Members

We’re going to see various new characters in the movie this time. The list of the returning star cast includes Vin Diesel as Dom, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, and Chris Bridges as Tej. 

In addition, the list also comprises Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey, and Sung Kang as Han Lue. The new star cast coming for the upcoming installment involves John Cena, Hellen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Michael Rooker, Anna Sawai, and Cardi B. 

Plot Details of Fast and Furious 9.

Undoubtedly, this season of Fast and Furious is appearing with more crazy supercar actions. We can anticipate a few modifications in the plotline of the movie. 

Fast and Furious 9

This media franchise has put up all the fans on a heck of a journey, where we discover ourselves so much engrossed in their characters. 

In fact, a trailer for the movie was also released on January 31 this year. It was certain from the trailer that Jakob Toretto will surely emerge as a villain in the movie. 

The most surprising element of the trailer was the comeback of Han. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!! HAN IS BACK!!! Moreover, the trailer disclosed pretty much everything about the upcoming movie. 

Fast and Furious 9-Delay in Release Date!

Initially, the movie was scheduled for its release on May 22, 2020. But due to the sudden widespread of coronavirus, the release date has been postponed for almost a whole year now.