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No game no life season 2 is on its way!! Release date, Plot, Characters and everything about the show!!!

No Game No Life season 2 is one of the most famous web series, it is just one season through. The first season end with many questions in the minds of anime fans. But sadly enough, the team has not announced anything related to the second season of the show.

But according to sources, the anime series of No Game No life is going to release its second season in this year only. Although we don’t have any official date regarding the same.

No game no life is a light novel series written by Yū Kamiya. The series first premiered on AT-X in April of 2014.

Where to watch the series?

Being a very famous cartoon manga series, it is available on a number of platforms. The show is dubbed in many languages, that means no subtitles required.

This lockdown is the perfect time to binge-watch the show. You can find “No Game No Life” on Crunchyroll, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

No Life No game: PlotNO GAME NO LIFE SEASON 2

The show revolves around Sora and Shiru, they are hikikomori step-siblings. They are the world’s best gamers, known as Blank in the online gaming world. But they were challenged to play against the god of gamers.

They were given the opportunity to live in the gaming world. They liked living there but little did they know about the danger that was waiting for them.

In the next season, we will find out if they defeat the god of games and their struggle to come out from the virtual world.

The important characters of the show are Sora and Shiro, alongside Stephanie Dola, Jibril, Warbeast, Kurami Zell, Dhampirs, and sirens. Other supporting characters are Tet as an old Deus and Azrael as the first flügel.

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” Life is not a game of Luck If you wanna win, work hard” – Sora.
The anime series which not only entertained us but gave us many life lessons like an above-mentioned quote, No Game No Life is an excellent anime series, which transports us in a world of fantasy, it is an isekai anime a genre in which the protagonist is transported to a parallel universe. This manga series was adapted from a light novel, and got its first appearance on June 25, 2014, and had taken great ownership of many screens until April 9, 2014. The first season released a total of Twelve episodes, the show was an instant hit loved and appreciated by its viewers.

The show totally grips the attention of its viewers, provides them a thrilling adventure and it’s a treat to watch nail-biting, combats in the drama series that takes place in a fantasy world. It’s magical and powerful graphics easily lead us into believing that we are indeed transported in a parallel universe along with the anime characters and are blessed to enjoy the action-adventure that takes place in an Isekai, Thus this series would definitely be a treat to Isekai Amine lovers and I would most definitely recommend you to watch it and not miss the fun!


I would suggest you not to listen to any rumors that are spreading like a wildfire regarding the release date of the show. We have to inform you with a heavy heart that the second season of the series, is not likely to be on screen anytime soon despite the growing fan base who are eager and impatient.
The second season will be renewed keeping in mind the loyal fans the series has accumulated but we cannot expect it to see on our screens anytime soon as the novel has not reached much far ahead from the animation.


With interesting characters, coated with well-developed personalities and meticulously gathered gaming ideas, which forces the viewers to give their full attention. No Game No Life is a remarkable series, which blends different variations of Game and Life in a parallel universe which surprisingly seems familiar. It is strange yet familiar, magical yet realistic. The anime not just romanticizes the fantasy world and the characters but keeps them grounded as well! It is a wholesome series and fans are praying that the get to see season 2 of No Game No Life on their screens very soon.