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Review on All Adults Here Book by Emma Straub!!

All Adults Here: Overview

“All Adults Here” is a novel written by Emma Straub. The Book seems in line with Emma’s tradition of writing deeply moving portraits based on modern relationships. In this book, the author is focusing on a mother who is working on her parenting choices to tackle the dynamics with her children, Struggling as adults.

All Adults Here is a unique combination of a story about adult siblings, ageing parents, high school boyfriends, middle school mean girls, the lifelong effects of birth order. It is pretty much everything that leads us into adulthood, with some bitter-sweet experiences.

The Storyline-

The story is about an ageing mother, Astrid Strick, and her parenting struggles with her three grown-up children.

Astrid is faced with a strange rush of memory from her young parenting days. It makes her realize that she has not been the best parent to her kids like she always wanted. This occurs to her after she witnesses a school bus accident of a lady named Barbara, in the town’s centre.

Astrid Strick is a 68-year-old widow who has been tootling in the Hudson Valley Town of Clapham, New York. She lives with her three grown children. After being single for a long time after her husband died, she’s been in a relationship with her hairdresser, Birdie Gonzalez, for the past two years. But after Barbara’s death, she realizes about the unpredictability of life, Astrid has decided to tell her children about her relationship.

Astrid’s youngest son is unfocused and is having parenting issues of his own, and her daughter is pregnant but still isn’t ready to give up her own adolescence, and her eldest seems to have different living standards.

Overall, Straub’s story is filled with humour and insight, which is worth reading.

Review on All Adults Here Book by Emma Straub!!