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Zelda Breathe of the Wild season 2: releasing date and all the updates are here, keep rading for all the information

Zelda breathe of the wild 2 is coming soon. The legend Zelda once again is coming with a new adventure on the game. The link will be seen with her.
When the trailer is going to release?
Link and Zelda are coming and saving the Hyrule. Now talking about the trailer, its teaser had already been released in episode 3 of the 2019 series. After releasing the trailer the fans get excited to play the game. in the trailer, Link and Zelda are in danger zone. And they thought about the escape but they still stuck in there. After this fans are waiting for season 2. Now it will release soon.
When it is releasing?
We know that Nintendo had already made the sequel of this series. Now the game has begun. Season 2 already released in March 2020 but due to pandemic, it is not releasing in this year 2020. No updates for the releasing date. But it will be released in the next year. Fans have to wait for the next year.
The legend of Zelda
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In This season fans can play with 2 players because link and Zelda have collaborated with each other in the sequel. Link and Zelda’s partnership is the best. Btw many of the fans thought that the Zelda is the girlfriend of link but it’s not true, Zelda is alone in this series of games. Link has a girlfriend named Navi.

What will be the story?

The story has started where it ended. In the new season of this series, the Zelda once again save their world from the dark. In this, Zelda and link are finding some kind of spiritual energy. They are finding this because it will ruin the land of Hyrule. This will change Hyrule into the dark world. That’s why they go on a journey of adventure where they stuck in the danger zone, which has been shown in the teaser. Let’s see what will happen in season 2. Will Zelda rescued her life and Link’s life?

Nintendo’s new game is going very popular after the released teaser. He made an amazing game for the fans that they can play, which is in partnership with the sequel. The first season was also viral. Fans loved that first season also and they were demanding for the new season, now their demand is going to fulfill. Just wait for the next year that can be released in the next year.