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Transformers 7: Rise Of Unicorns – When Will The Movie Arrive? Mark Wahlberg again coming back?

American science fiction action films franchise, Transformers, is based on the Transformers franchise, which began in the 1980s. Transformers is the 13th highest-grossing film series, with a total of $4.3 billion worth, with two films in the series to have grossed over $1 billion each.
Jointly distributed by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks, Bumblebee premiered on December 21, 2018, and earned huge applauds from the critics. Following the success of the sixth Transformer movie, Bumblebee, another movie is anticipated to be released shortly. Paramount is all set to revive a sequel to the Transformers franchise. It is disappointing that no official news has been announced about the air date of Transformers: Rise of Unicorn. However, the film is likely to release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Due to the prolongation of the release date of Transformers: Rise of Unicorn, the cast has not yet been affirmed. However, it is expected the main leads of the previous movies to been seen again in the upcoming film.

Cast Of The Transformers Franchise

The principal leads of the Transformers franchise include –

  1. Peter Cullen
  2. Shia LaBeouf
  3. Josh Duhamel
  4. Megan Fox
  5. Tyrese Gibson
  6. Frank Welker
  7. John Turturro
  8. Mark Wahlberg
  9. Glenn Morshower
  10. Nicola Peltz

Transformer Movies Till Now

Micheal Bay has directed the first five films of the Transformer series, with the sixth film directed by Travis Knight and produced by Bay

  1. Transformers (2007)
  2. Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
  3. Dark of the Moon (2011)
  4. Age of Extinction (2014)
  5. The Last Knight (2017)
  6. Bumblebee (2018)

After Bumblebee, Optimus Prime becomes aware of some facts about Cybertron. Quintessa and Unicorn are shown to have the same motive, and Earth is put in the middle of a giant intergalactic battle. Transformers- Rise of Unicorn will be a treat to the viewers with its breathtaking actions and adventures.