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Iron Fist Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything Leaked.

Any Marvel fan on the Globe is excited about any Marvel movie or web series than any other fans. So now here comes the season 3 of the Iron Fist and fans are crazy about that. Iron Fist is an American Television series produced by Marvel Television and ABC Studios.
However, they managed to bring two seasons to the audience. They didn’t accept both the seasons very well as season 1 is not so exciting, but season 2 is a bit. Hence that is a big question mark about season 3 to expect,  as it still didn’t renew yet.

Release date of season 3:

Season 2 had completed keeping so much suspense to reveal in season 3, but expecting season 3 is not much suited. Also, if the relations between Netflix and Marvel were good till now, we would have seen season 3.
But what we know about Marvel is it never wants to disappoint the expectations of its fans. So there is still a chance to relive on Marvel, which may bring the sequel. As if Marvel manages to find any other one, we may get want we want.

The Plot of the Season 3:

Iron Fist story is some kind of similar to a popular web series Arrow. The main character is a billionaire, and his name is Danny Rand. He gets missing for about 15 years. Then comes to the city by discovering some powers within him.
In Season 3, he may be more involved in bonding relations with his friends who had turned into evil then again back to normal. Even after two seasons, they are not well known about his powers and how he got them. So in this sequel, the story may revolve around this knowing the truths why he got the skills and eventually how to use them to the fullest he can. So this could be the expected plot.

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