Derry Girls Season 3 confirmed? Know the release date here, Know everything related to release date and show!!

Derry Girls is a British show about the young ladies of high school and how they navigate through their life all the while struggling in their ‘growing up’ phase. The good news is that it will be back for a third season. Channel 4 has announced it’s an affirmation for the fourth season of this British sitcom. Written by Lisa McGee and produced by Hat Trick Productions, it is set in Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1990s. Season 1 of the show was premiered in January 2018, while the second season aired in March and April 2019.

Release Date:

We know that there’s going to be a Season 3. But when it’s going to be released, we have no clue. The details of the release date have still not been declared. In spite of this, going by the report example of the previous seasons, we can expect the season to release somewhere around April or May 2020.


We are not sure how many members of the cast are going to reappear for the third season. But here are the names of few of them whom we know will make an appearance:

Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Erin Quinn

Nicola Coughlan as Clare

Louisa Harland as Orla

Jamie-Lee O’Donnell’s as Michelle

Dylan Llewellyn as James Maguire

Leah O’Rourke as Jenny Joyce

Tommy Tiernan as Da/Gerry

Tara Lynne O’Neill as Ma/Mary.

That’s all we can guarantee.


Derry Girls is a show based in Derry, Northern Ireland, and set in the 1990s when the situation in Derry was tensed. The second season of the show ended with James deciding to stay back in Derry with his pals and continuing his relationship with Erin. There’s a high chance that season 3 will start from where season 2 ended and that it will be a more positive period for the gang. The writer even hinted that this might be the last season of the show.