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Bodybuilding Star Mikayla Kingdom is no more, Reason revealed after so long!!

The Mikayla Kingdom is a star bodybuilder. She died at the age of 23. She is soo young; her death will always be a loss to the bodybuilding industry. On 10 May, the news arrives that Mikayla is no more. The doctor is saying that she died unexpectedly. She didn’t have any kind of problem/ disease. Well, she died just after her fellow bodybuilder Luke Sandoe took his own life.

The last post which she uploaded was on Instagram. She posted a photo of sunset, with a beautiful caption. “life needs no filter even on its darkest days.” Well, Mikayla, we all will remember this saying of yours. Month May is not good for the bodybuilding industry. Two main stars of bodybuilding are no more. The industry is surely dealing with the loss. And we can officially say that year 2020 is not good for anyone.

Source of the image: News Of The day

The obituary said that “A celebration of life” will be held in Massachusetts. And every ritual and service will be held in Massachusetts, not in Florida. Because she was originally from Massachusetts, but during her death, she lived in Florida. She brings many Laurels to her country. She was good in her field of work.

Nowadays, she was being trained by Justin Randall. To pay his tribute to her death, he posted a small message and photo of her. Justin posted this message. She is one of the sweetest and hardworking lady. He also said he is grateful that he chooses her as a coach. He said he could not forget the memories they both created. May her soul Rest in Peace.

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