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Haiku Season 5: Updates, Release Date, Plot, And Everything We Know About.

Haikyu!! is a Japanese manga series. It is written and directed by Haruichi Furudate. And the combination looks great, right! This series started in the year 2014. This series is about a junior high schooler Hinata. He joins a volleyball team despite his height. And he begins his training. Now, you can imagine the problems he might face.


When is the release date of Season 5:

Season 4 aired this year, January, and it has two parts in it. And they have planned to release season 5 in the month of July. If everything was fine, it would have happened.

But due to the Pandemic situations caused by the COVID-19, everything got changed everywhere. The entire world now is in lockdown. Until the situations get better, it is tough to expect anything. So, the release date is definitely going to delay somehow.

The expected plot of season 5:

Hinata is a junior high school student. One day he watches “Little Giant” on television. From then on, he decides to be a volleyball player despite his short height. He starts training for the game and selects in the best team in the school. As we know, bullying is common with defects that are seen. So how is manages all those are inspiring.

Hinata wants to prove the world that the defects within us cannot obstruct the goals we have. Working hard can achieve anything that is all that he believes. So, in order to prove anything to the world, you must stand in first unless you won’t.

To make his dreams come true, he has to pass Inarizaki. The victory is just in pinch distance for both the teams. So, in season 5, we witness the tremendous effects made by both teams and watch what happens to his dreams.


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