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Google Has Been a Great Competitor of Apple, by Introducing Nearby Share

As we all know google is a great and well-known company. It is also walking hand in hand with an apple in mostly all aspects. Recently Google has turned out to be the best competitor for apple. Let’s find out how


Most people are aware of Google’s nearby share. It is a feature that allows data to be transferred via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is quite similar to the airdrop feature provided by apple. But this feature has become a great help to android users. They can now easily share the files with help of this nearby feature.

It was officially released on the 4th of August 2020. Google has always given a tough competition to apple in all aspects. Doing so has given great help to Android users.

Google nearby share is the easiest way to transfer files from one device to other. Though Google has given its best competition, in some aspects it has lagged because of a few reasons. There are some limitations, in comparison to its rival which is apple. Apple provides the facility of airdrop which allows easy transfer between two apple devices.

However to beat its rival Google is going to launch another feature which is known as Self Share. This will lead to easy transfer between your own devices. This feature is similar to that of the airdrop, and this is own of the features why apple is ruling the world today.

This feature was spotted by Mishal Rahman and he mentions that this feature is still not out in the markets, but sooner or later Google will introduce this in its updated play services. And it is going to launch soon.


Google Has Been a Great Competitor of Apple, by Introducing Nearby Share

This self share feature is really useful for android users. Normally for instance, if you want to open your google account on your laptop or pc, google will ask for a pin. This may take time, but this is also useful concerning security. Also if you deny the permission, the account might not get opened on another device.

Similarly, if you want to share files from your device to another device the same thing happens. This is for safety purposes only but sometimes it might be possible that you don’t have that other device with you. So under such circumstance, it becomes a difficult and problematic situation arises

So the new feature will outweigh this problem. There is going to be a new update under which google plans to add a new tab under which Device visibility options are there. This option reads your devices apart from existing including your contacts.

With the help of this new tab feature, you would be able to share the files and content between devices that are logged in with the same Google account. It will skip that tedious and time-consuming task of approving. This is also similar to the feature that airdrop provides. By launching this feature google will create a good impression among its audience.

So people are excited and enthusiastic about this new feature and are eagerly waiting for the same.

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