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What do you mean by Rice Purity Test, History and Full Story, How to Check?

I know many of you are curious to know about “What does rice purity mean?” Why would you will not be curious to know about this when this is so much important for all of our health.

Believe me, I am so much curious to know about rice purity because I am so health-conscious. In this ongoing article, we are going to share all the information related to the rice purity test.

So, without increasing your curiosity much and not wasting your more time we should start this amazing and informative article. Here you will get all the information you need for it. So, let’s begin.

Rice purity test

Explaining Rice Purity Test for Dummies

It has been just a simple questionnaire containing around 100 questions. The survey had always aimed to find out how guiltless everything is. And it only works if you are giving your answers honestly. Rice Purity Test has been a fun way of calling someone completely.

Why Do You Call It “Rice” Test?

It is not the rice you are thinking of. It consists of the name of a well-known person whose name is William Marsh Rice. Mr. Rice was the person behind the Rice Institution in Houston, TX. However, he is not the person who had created the test. According to several documents, the first purity quiz had been generated in his university long after his death.

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How Did Rice Purity Test Go Viral?

According to The Tab of Twitter users or users of other social media are sharing their purity score more than ever.

However, the quiz had been surfaced on the internet back in the 2000s. According to Slate, that was there the first time someone had put the questions on the website. The spark which is a matchmaking site had the initial online home for this type of quizzes. And it had continued to get passed on from that.

From some recent years, other websites such as QuizExpo and RicePurity had been modernized to the classic test. While they had kept the questions the same they added a 2020-vibe to them too. And that was another reason why the idea went viral on various social media.

Rice purity test

What Does Rice Purity Score Mean?

Every website has many ways to calculate the rice purity score. However, it has mainly on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 is being the most innocent person—and 0 is being the most wicked person.

Real Purity: People who got their highest scores are known as the pure ones. Many times, a score of around more than 50 means you are not as immoral as you are thinking. But scores more than 80 are the real morally uncorrupted type of people.

A bit of Naughtiness: People whose scores between 30 to 50 indicate that you were a little bit evil. While you might not be a ruthless person, you still don’t know what is immoral will feel like.

Having an Active Evil Within: If your score is just less than 20, you have done some type of terrible thing. We are just kidding. Most adults who had been in their social life would score less than that too. But it has not usual for teenagers to get such type of high grade.

Actions to Take After Completing the Quiz

The scores don’t mean anything more than highly important. However, your need answers to any questions which can reveal who you are. So, you might want to take some type of action after completing some of the Rice Purity Test.

If you scored around 80-100: You are pure. For most of the adults who have scored more than 80 is not a piece of the good news. That indicates isolation with a lack of social interactions. If you are being an adult who was not experienced serious relationships, romance, you might want to do something about it all.

If you scored 55-79: Everything has been normal. Most adults had probably had the same experiences as you all have. But if you are under 15 years old and still had got around 45-59 points, you are being a naughty person. Your parents do not know what they should have done for sure!

If you scored 30-54: Such that result had shown that you have to be a social person. You were never shy. And you are having lots of fun experiences in your life. However, people who had scores around 30-54 are at the age of 20+ years. So, if you were under 20 and you still got the results. You are having an exciting life.

If you scored 0-29: People who can see this result have been the rarest. Currently, there is no evidence of someone getting 0 points in the Rice Purity Test. Of course, if you had to say Yes to all types of questions, you will be getting 100% wickedness in the result. However, very few people could end up having such type of results with honest answers.

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Is There Any Other Kind of Purity Quiz?

There is some type of test in the type of quiz.

  • Drinking Purity Tests: This type of test contains around 20-100 questions which are about drinking liquor and has possible drinking issues. In the end, you will find out if you are being a pure alcohol-free person or as a drunken.
  • Virginity Purity Tests: This type of quizzes tells everyone how virgin you are being. You should always answer several questions about having sex, drinking, and romance. And the answers reveal about your virginity pureness.
  • Women Purity Tests: Most societies believe that sexual activities always reduce the pureness of a lady. So, such types of questionnaires aim to realize how much do you know about physical intimacy.
  • High-School Purity Tests: These types of quizzes are so much popular among teenagers. The questions have been a bit naughtier than most of the other tests. And the vibes had been more attractive. However, an adult needs a secure connection to figure out what the questions have been asking. That was because of such quizzes which were full of the teenager-terms.

Things You Should Know About the QuizExpo Rice Purity Test

  • The questions: You had to take the original Purity Test from the year 1924. However, the items had been slightly different. That was because the QuizExpo team wants you to enjoy that whole game. There are having around 100 queries on that type of list that you should answer with yes and no.
  • The answers: The answers are being simple. Be honest if you want the results to be accurate as possible.
  • The results: After answering about all the 100 queries, you get to see all types of results. It has a number on a scale of around 0-100. The lower you will score there will be less pure mind and body.

Rice purity test

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 30 a bad rice purity score?

Real Purity: People who get the highest scores are the pure ones. Usually, a score of more than 50 means you are not as immoral as you thought. But scores more than 80 are the real morally uncorrupted people. A bit of Naughtiness: Scores between 30 to 50 indicate that you’re a little bit evil.

Is 29 a bad score on the rice purity test?

93 to 77 You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone. 76 to 45 Your purity is tainted.

Is 68 a good rice purity score?

You’re still considered pretty pure. Maybe you’ve had your first kiss or held hands with someone, but you haven’t gone much further than that.

Is 60 a good rice purity score?

93 to 77 You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone. 76 to 45 Your purity is tainted.

What does a 45 on the rice purity test mean?

93 to 77. You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone. 76 to 45. Your purity is tainted.
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