US Governor Kevin Stitt, himself tested corona positive, the very same person who did not mandate masks

Kevin Stitt, Governor of Oklahoma’s government has been tested positive and he is the first US governor to be tested affected by COVID-19.
At a press conference, Kevin announced that he has been feeling little achy in his chest. But, he is fine. Stitt being honest on the stage, while other governors from the US have been hiding their health status from the public of the US.

Political newcomer Kevin Stitt takes Oklahoma's top job, replaces ...

The governor also said that he did his regular testing. And, it came positive.

Stitt’s diagnosis is noticeable because he has been declining the lockdown in his state despite the increase in cases.
Kevin stated that it is the will of the people to wear masks for their health. He did not mandate the use of masks in his state. Moreover, He also stated that enforcing the masks may be problematic.
“This is a public responsibility “, the governor stated.

While the governor makes such inappropriate comments on the security of the public. The USA is no surprise handled the worst scenario of Coronavirus.

Dr. Lance Frye is the commissioner of the Health department in the state. According to him, Kevin may have got the infection a few days ago. He is not sure if Kevin was affected at the rally of Trump.

Meanwhile, recently there has been a rally by Trump in the state. After the Trump rally in Tulsa, there has been a high rise in the number of coronavirus patients. While Oklahoma alone faced a rise of 1000 new cases in a single day. Over the world, we are facing 13.6 million cases.
According to the governor, he told his story for a reason. He wants the state to be aware. He also wants everyone to test themselves for the safety of others.