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[Rumored] February Nintendo Direct Rumored Mario Kart 9 Now Revealed

For years, Nintendo has been like Marvel Studios in that they keep a tight lid on all their secrets. However, from time to time an insider will get a whiff of classified information and pass it along to others who want more knowledge about the company’s plans as well! One such example would be recent grapevine word stating how Mario Kart 9 could possibly appear at this year’s E3; we’ll just have to wait until June 14th before finding out what happens next

Mario Kart 8 has set the bar pretty high for its successor. If they don’t exceed this game’s level of excellence, then there will be no way to measure how successful Mario Karter 9 was in comparison with previous installments like Super Smash Bros., Pokemon GO!, or even Ink Spots (I’m not sure if you’re aware but these app-based versions exist).

Mario Kart 8 was the most ambitious outing yet for Nintendo’s popular racing series. In addition to traditional, high-speed battles between friends (a mode that fans have come accustomed to), Mario also crossed over with Animal Crossing and Splatoon in new ways which made this game special even after multiple rereleases or editions over time had been released previously since its original launch back in 2014! It appears as though these events were enough of an excuse not only to move on but give up altogether because there will be no more annual releases like what we’ve seen thus far moving forward; however thankfully our patience might just get rewarded eventually considering how great some titles turned out once Band 3 developed specifically around content already available rather than making brand.

Zippo says that if you made Super Bowl-sized money bets on this new Mario Kart not being real, then your losses will be significant. He’s talking about how February 2022’s Nintendo Direct is going to include confirmation for Mario Kart 9 and 10th-anniversary editions of both installments in the series with Telltale Games developing them too!

[Rumored] February Nintendo Direct Rumored Mario Kart 9 Now Revealed

With Zippo as an industry insider, you can take his word for what it is – a form of speculation. Unless we receive official confirmation from Nintendo soon enough to announce at this month’s first Direct event in February with games such as Kirby and The forgotten land among those fans are expecting including new Fire Emblem content also available on their consoles or elsewhere online via download code depending which edition gets released physically primarily due out digitally too if they so choose but only time will tell!

With the Nintendo Switch has been out for a little while now, it looks like there might be some problems with its production. In fact, Techland just confirmed that their upcoming game Dying Light 2 will not come to this console due in part to what they’ve heard about how rare those consoles are getting! Meanwhile, over at Nintendo Japan, President Shuntaro Furukawa has warned fans expecting too many units before Christmas may end up disappointed saying “I’m sorry but we don’t have enough.”

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