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NASA Discovers a New Type of Light, Leaving Netizens in AWS, Shared Exclusive Images

The latest post from NASA was a collection of lights in various shapes and sizes captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

The National Aeronautics Association or FAA often shares stunning pictures which leave netizens awe-struck, such was no exception with their most recent upload consisting mainly of alien-like flowers descending down towards Earth’s atmosphere before being scattered across our planet like glittering gems on black velvet cloth during night time hours when there shouldn’t really be any visible reflection at all due to how empty space would normally consume everything around you except for these strangely illuminated spheres hovering above without anything else distracting attention away allowing viewers some formless silence so they may.NASA Discovers a New Type of Light, Leaving Netizens in AWS, Shared Exclusive Images

“We’ve all been there before: feeling hopeless, out of control, and alone. But Captain Planet will always be there for us – no matter what.”

“How does he do it? You ask yourself as you look up at his optimistic smile on the screen in front of your bedroom window every day after work… And then suddenly one night everything changes,” says Dr. Green from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). “The man who has taught generations about environmentalism becomes an international hero when his powers combine with those other four Elemental Masters to save our world!”

“We can now fully explore the universe with these incredible images! These cosmic discoveries were made thanks to data gathered from telescopes both on earth and in space, including @NASAChandraXray and Hubble.”

The images show a white-drawn star and a red giant orbiting each other. In the first picture, they also shared how our universe emits energy through many forms- with this particular one being light cycles that can be seen when two stars are aligned just right!

The pictures were uploaded a day ago and the post has already garnered more than one million views. The stunning images also attracted various responses from people all over social media, with many commenting on how breathtaking they are!

\n“I am so in awe of this photo, I can’t take it! This is such an amazing shot. The universe really does have some incredible views,” wrote one user on Instagram.” Another added: “Stunning!” And yet another said simply “exceptional.” These comments let show how many people felt when they saw the image – which had been shared thousands of times by then and still does today.

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