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In Ad-Tech Litigation, Google Seeks To Dismiss The Allegations

Google has come under fire from regulators around the world. In Texas, a group led by Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an antitrust lawsuit against them for secretly partnering with Meta to bolster their ad business model while hiding this information from other companies and policymakers alike- Google now wants dismissal of these charges before they can get underway in court!

Google has requested that a federal court dismiss four of the six charges against it. If granted, this would mean these cases cannot be brought back to the same location or with an identical claim in another instance for at least five years and maybe even longer if ever! The company’s stance was explained by their Director Economic Policy Adam Cohen who said “We’re confident about our ability not just technically but also legally.”

“It is no surprise that this lawsuit has been rewritten three times. With each version, Attorney General Paxton follows a similar pattern: he makes inaccurate and inflammatory allegations which are then publicized widely by the media or posted on his website for all to see – without any proof of wrongdoing whatsoever.”

The lawyer for the company argued that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove some of these allegations.

Google claims state AG used information that is out of date

In Ad-Tech Litigation, Google Seeks To Dismiss The Allegations

The attorney for the company argued that they have never engaged in any wrongdoing and are only following current trends. The clause cited by Cohen has been outdated since before his time at this firm, he added

A bulk of AG Paxton’s lawsuit relies on information from decades ago when their products bore no relation to what is sold today or even during previous industries where it did happen – yet these laws still apply!

Google filed a filing with the court, criticizing this lawsuit and how it seems like these states are trying to compete against them by forcing their competitors into information sharing.

The document went on to say that “they see the solution” for Google’s success as holding it back, rather than letting market forces push other companies forward.

The company has been facing a series of lawsuits from various states over the past few months. The latest is an antitrust suit brought on behalf of multiple attorney generals, which could bring some serious headaches for them if it goes ahead with formal proceedings!

The State AGs say that Google is manipulating advertising auctions by creating three programs to force advertisers and publishers into using their tools instead of alternatives.

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