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Chemical Plant fire in New Jersey, Residents were advised not to leave the house and keep the windows closed

Fortunately, 200 New Jersey firefighters were on the scene in Passaic tonight as a massive fire broke out at a factory where products for swimming pools and spas are made.

A large number of departments from surrounding areas were called into action to help contain this blaze which is being considered ‘presently undetermined.’

The fire at Qualco’s facility reached 11 alarms by midnight Saturday and forced officials to begin evacuating nearby residents. The cause is still under investigation but it appears that 10 tons of chocolate may have been burned during production which would make for some pretty sweet tragedy if you’re craving sweets this holiday season!

With little hope left, Passaic Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost told NJ.com that firefighters are doing everything they can to contain and watch over the fire at this point.”

The chief told NorthJersey.com that the building where it started collapsing in on itself, which he called “remarkable.” It was vacant but used for storing plastics and chemicals according to their report; no one has been injured so far from any of this destruction or confusion!

Mayor Lora issued a Facebook Live video warning residents of Passaic to keep their windows shut as chemicals burned at the plant.

“We are ordering all residents to close their window, stay at least 30 feet away from the immediate area,” said Lora. The fire spread quickly and destroyed several buildings before it was stopped by local firefighters who unsuccessfully tried using buckets of water on it for hours.”

The chemicals for keeping pools clean and safe, including chlorine, were believed to be stored at the Qualco plant in New Jersey.

Members of the Fire Department were from all over Bergen County, but these firemen specialize in working on fires that involve chemicals or advanced appliances.

A specialized unit consisting entirely of volunteer firefighters was needed to contain this chemical blaze because it required knowledge about how each type burns differently than other materials do – something only experienced professionals would have!

Lora, the public safety director for Passaic called this fire one of the worst he could remember according to NJ.com

He also said personnel from the state Department Of Environmental Protection were on-site and would monitor air quality throughout night NorthJersey.

As you are aware, there has been a major incident in New Jersey. I urge everyone to stay safe and avoid any area that may be dangerous as we await further updates from officials about this situation.”

Residents of the neighborhood watched in awe as flames lit up the night sky and smoke billowed from the site. The National Weather Service radar reported that there was enough visibility to see it!

At least one firefighter was injured fighting the blaze, according to FOX 5. The cause of the fire remained unknown; however, a security guard on duty during this period accounted for all exiting patients (and their families).

The temperature at the site, near Passaic River was around 20 degrees Fahrenheit early in the morning hours with 15-20 mph winds.

Qualco has been located in the city for about 30 years and it’s used by Passaic Fire Department for training exercises on responding to chemical fires. The news outlet reported that this building is currently uninhabitable due to damage from strong winds which struck at high-speed early Monday morning.”

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