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Space Station Camera Spotted Triangle-Shaped UFO, Aliens Spotted?

Some people think that there’s something strange going on in space and they captured an International Space Station (ISS) video to prove it. In the clip, which was shared by Scott C Waring of UFO researcher groups around Facebook with more than two million followers,” one can see what he says is a triangular object moving slowly across our solar panel – not far from where we see dark skies above us.”

Scott, who runs UFO Sightings Daily said that this object must have been an “extraterrestrial device.”

Space Station Camera Spotted Triangle-Shaped UFO, Aliens Spotted?

The strange-looking thing hovering over the solar panel onboard NASA’s space station seems to be a perfect match for what we know about aliens and their technology!

Scott says that the design is alien, with its bright colors and dark images. He describes how it looks like a TR3B or some sort of triangular craft as he goes on to mention what appears to be three points in each corner plus another one near the center stage which seems thicker than others around them—a fascinating insight!

“It looks like an alien ship to me, I can’t make out what it is but there on the camera.

The International Space Station flies in low Earth orbit, and it’s not just because they’re aliens! The light from their UFO shines so much that some people think there must be an extra source of reflection. “OK,” says one astronomer who has studied this extensively—in fact, he was able to prove just how strange these balls are with his research into photographing stars while onboard the Japanese Experiment Module ‘Kibo’ back during SpaceXstall Mission 5A–“the angle at which we see them bounce off objects changes depending on what’s happening around us.”

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