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Kirsten Kutner: Women of Mystery Age and Much More Latest Updates Here, Visit to Know

Kirsten Kutner is often known as the wife of Australian professional golfer and entrepreneur Gregory John Norman. Today we are going to dive into the life of Kirsten Kutner the interior designer. There are many things about Kirsten Kutner that people do not know most importantly her age. Now we all know that women do not tell their age too easily it is for us to find it out. Her age is a mystery as many articles and blogs have tried to find her right age and in doing so many speculations are going on the internet. Let’s dive in together to find out all the details about the mystery woman that is Kirsten Kutner.

An Image of Kirsten Kutner
Kirsten Kutner

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Who is Kirsten Kutner?

As mentioned above apart from being the wife of a celebrity Kirsten Kutner is an interior designer by profession. she also worked in the Great White Shark Enterprises Management Team and was appreciated for her dedication and punctual nature. After getting married to Gregory Norman she also took over the management of Greg’s clothing line. Kirsten is often called Kiki by her family members and friends.

Age of Kirsten Kutner

A photo of Kirsten Kutner and her husband Gregory Norman
Kirsten Kutner and Gregory Norman on Kirsten’s 53rd Birthday.

Here comes the main mystery that what is her age? Let’s put an end to all the speculations happening about her age. Kirsten was born in Sydney, Australia. People are debating whether she was born on 7th May or 10th May. Also, her birth year is a topic of conflict whether it is 1968 or 1970. According to her latest Instagram post, Kirsten celebrated her 53rd birthday with her family on 7th May 2020. She took Instagram to thank her family members for welcoming her 53rd with such a blast. So now we know that Kirsten was born on 7th May 1968 and her age right now is 53 years.

Kirsten Kutner Relationships

Kristen was first married to Neal Kutner. He is the Head of European Distribution at Northill Capital LLP in London. The Couple got married in 2000 when Kristen’s age was 23. The couple was married for a good 9 years and had two beautiful Daughters. They officially got separated in 2009.

After one failed marriage Kirsten met Gregory on a business trip in Egypt in 2009. It is known that Greg was attracted to Kirsten in their first meet itself and that’s so he kept on the partnership with the interior designer for various more projects. The couple managed to keep their affair under wraps for a few months.

On November 6th, 2010 they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Kristen is the 3rd wife of Gregory Norman. The Couple is still together and celebrated their 11 years of Marriage in 2021.

Family Related to Kirsten

Family Picture of Kirsten Kutner with her husband and daughters
Family Photo Consisting of Gregory Norman, Kirsten Kutner, Kelly Kutner, Kaya Kutner (Left to Right)

Kirsten is the daughter of Margaret Mary Taylor. Her father died a long time ago. Apart from her mother Kirsten also has a younger sister named Stephanie. Both the sisters are close and are often seen on each other’s Instagram stories.

Kirsten has two daughters from her first husband Neal- Kaya Kutner who was born in 2004 and Kelly Kutner who was born in 2007. Both the daughters share a loving relationship with their mother and stepfather. Kirsten is also a stepmother to Greg’s two adult children which he had from his first marriage to Andrassy- Greg Jr and Morgan Leigh.

Greg Jr was Greg’s Best man in his marriage with Kirsten. Kirsten lost her niece Trinity who was the daughter of her younger sister Stephanie in 2012 at a younger age.

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Scandals of Kirsten

There are not many scandals involving Kirsten as she was not in the limelight before. She became a person of interest only after her marriage to Gregory Norman. When Kirsten married Greg just after one year of her separation this gave rise to many rumors regarding their relationship.

Kirsten’s ex-husband was not happy with the marriage as he felt cheated that Kirsten got married just after one year of their divorce. Greg’s ex-wives were also not too happy with the marriage.

Greg’s first wife Laura Andrassy reportedly accused the couple of having an affair since 1995 when Greg was with Andrassy and Kirsten may have been single.

She claimed that both Kirsten and Greg were acquainted and working together since 1995 where Kirsten was working for renovating several spaces for Gregory.

She also was seen saying that she doesn’t care what Greg does she is just concerned that her children have to live with the women who destroyed their family indirectly calling Kirsten a homewrecker. While Greg’s second wife Christ Evert was also not happy with the couple did not say anything about the affair.

Is it true that they were having an affair since 1995 and if so why did Kirsten marry Neal and Did Neal know about this affair and was this the reason that their marriage ended? These are some questions that pop right into our heads.

Many of these do add up saying that they had an affair and many don’t. There are no pieces of evidence that they had an affair so for now, let’s just say that they genuinely fell in love with each other in their first meeting in 2009.

Kirsten’s husband Gregory Norman was said to be having a brief affair with British Tennis Player Sue Barker and was separating from Kristen but many say these were just rumors and we agree as the couple is still together.

Lesser Known Facts about Kirsten Kutner

kirsten kutner age
Stephanie and Kirsten (Left to Right)
  • Kirsten loves to travel and has traveled to a lot of countries like Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • Kirsten net worth as of 2021 was 3 million dollars.
  • She went to Boston College.
  • Kirsten Kutner’s sun sign is Virgo.

We can now say that Kirsten Kutner is not a mystery woman anymore. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet but we are sure that after reading this article you won’t be needing a Wikipedia page.

Till now everyone knew Kirsten Kutner as the wife of Gregory Norman but now everybody will know the real Kiki.  Some of her lesser know facts like her age, marriage, and scandals are disclosed. Have a very spicy read for all the readers and enjoy.

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