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The Secret Life of Alena Omovych, Wiki, Boyfriend Rumors, Age, Body, Everything

Alena Omovych is an Instagram Model and a Social Media Influencer. Being a celebrity you are bound to end up in tabloids now and then whether they like it or not. But Alena Omovych had been able to keep her personal life under wraps and only show her professional life.

Alena Omovych- The Instagram Model
Alena Omovych- The Model

This is what people call a healthy work-life balance. Let’s dive in now to uncover some of the secrets of the Model.

Who is this Secret Women?

She is an Instagram model and Social Media Influencer. If you see her Instagram she has about 1.6 million followers and about 2630 posts. She is also very active on Twitter. She creates a lot of reels on her Instagram including her friends and also many brand collaborations.

Her personal life may be a secret to everyone but her professional life is very well open in the air. Alena Omovych’s Instagram post consists of very sensual poses by her wearing bikinis. She has a perfect body of a model and loves to show her modeling techniques to the world.

Alena Omovych’s Background


She was born on 22nd November 1994. She was born in Capital Kyiv which is in Ukraine. Hence she is also known as a Ukrainian Model. Alena is 27 years old as of 2022. She started her career at a very young age around her 20’s.

She has done her education from her hometown Kyiv itself. Alena’s interest in modeling was right from a young age and only after completing High School did she decide to pursue Modelling as a full-time Career. Her educational qualification says that she is a Graduate.

You must be wondering why is there no detail about her family anywhere in the background details. The reason is any detail regarding Alena Omovych’s parents and whether she has any siblings and if she has how many is not known to the media or the internet yet.

All detail regarding her family is a secret. She is a very private person when it comes to her family. So no detail about Alena Omovych’s family is known yet.

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Alena Omovych as an Entrepreneur

Alena Omovych apart from being a social media influencer and Instagram model is also an entrepreneur. She has her clothing shop on Instagram called “Alena Star Shop”. she has a great fashion sense and hence people love her shop so much.

Alena Omovych is also the co-owner of a famous Ukrainian boutique called “Lior Boutique”. Alena owns Lior Boutique with one of the famous Instagram stars Ukraine Eleonora Zirka. She also has done collaborations with many brands on Instagram. Alena Omovych is one of the successful models on Instagram whose followers are increasing day by day.

About Alena Omovych’s Physical Appearance

Alena Omovych is very particular about her fitness and she can be called a fitness freak. Of course, being a model comes with its very own challenges, and being physically fit is one of those challenges. Alena Omovych’s first Instagram post was on September 7, 2017. The post was a slow-motion video about modeling outside.

After this post, Alena Omovych is very active on Instagram and also posts regularly. Talking about her physical appearance Alena Omovych has a curvy body type with brunette hair. Alena Omovych being an Instagram Model has a perfect figure of 36-25-34.

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is about 55 Kg. Alena Omovych is a beautiful model with great looks and great height.

The Model’s Relationships

Alena Omovych is a very private person as she believes that her fans should focus on her career rather than her love life. Being a Celebrity however private you try to keep your life some rumors are bound to spread. There was certainly a rumor including Alena Omovych that she is dating another Ukrainian model Maria Martskaya.

According to Alena Omovych Maria is her best friend and nothing is going on between them. Alena Omovych has a lot of Instagram Model friends with whom she collaborated frequently for her Instagram posts. Talking about her love life nothing regarding her past relationships or current relationships is known yet.

According to some reports, Alena Omovych is currently single and is only focusing on her career right now.

Alena Omovych’s Surgeries

Alena Omovych is often compared with Tv reality Kim Kardashian for her physical appearance. Fans are always pointing towards changes in her physical appearance due to surgeries. Alena Omovych is criticized frequently for doing various surgeries and changing her appearance.

She has gone on record and said that she has undergone seven plastic surgeries until now. The model has three separate boob jobs, she has also enlarged her lips, lifted her cheekbones, and altered the angles of her lower jaw to give an oval shape. Some reports also claim that she has also done butt implants.

People have been commenting mean comments regarding her surgeries and comparing her to a character in computer games of morons. The criticism does not affect Omovych’s choices as she continues to flaunt her body on Instagram.

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Some Random Facts about Alena Omovych

Alena Omovych loves Tattoos. She loves getting her body inked now and then and currently has tattoos on her back, shoulder, and left arm. She is also an avid traveler and loves to travel around the world.

By looking at Alena Omovych’s prospering career it is estimated at her net worth is $800k as of 2021. Alena ranked on the list of the Most Popular Instagram stars. She also ranked in list of the elite list of celebrities born in Ukraine.

Alena Omovych is a successful model and is a huge part of the Instagram Community. She has Fans all over the world. The model has experienced it all from being called beautiful as well as creepy.

We tried to uncover as many secrets as possible in the article so the model’s life is not a secret anymore. We hope she gets more and more success in the coming years.

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